How To Watch NBA Basketball Game 2022-23 Live Stream, Start Date & time Without Cable

How to Watch the NBA Live Stream for the 2022–23 Basketball Season Online. With the 2022–23 NBA season well underway, we’ve compiled the top methods for totally free online basketball game streaming.

Watch Free Live

The Celtics were the preseason favorite to take home the championship, followed by the Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, and Brooklyn Nets, in that order. The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat were also conference finalists when the Warriors defeated the Celtics in June for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. These preseason forecasts haven’t quite come true thus far, as evidenced by the Warriors’ and Nets’ negative win-loss records. As of this writing, the Bucks have zero defeats and the Celtics have a few. The Bucks are looking very good.

It’s time to activate your streaming subscriptions so you can watch every NBA game live now that the season is fully underway. For a detailed explanation of how to watch the NBA live online in 2022, continue reading.

How to Watch the NBA on TV

The NBA season of 2022–2023 is being televised on television and streamed online. The NBA’s nationally televised games are broadcast on ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV if you wish to watch the NBA on television. You may watch the majority of the games with a cable plan like this one from Verizon Fios; moreover, you can add NBA League Pass to watch up to 40 NBA games played outside of major markets each week on TV.

Consider purchasing an HDTV antenna from Amazon if you’re searching for the least expensive option to watch the NBA on television. With this one, you get a 200-mile signal range in a sleek, thin unit. This indicates that it can receive NBA content on ABC in up to 4K quality. Additionally, you can receive all the major broadcast networks using the antenna for free, including CBS, NBC, FOX, and The CW.

How to Watch the NBA Online Free Without Cable

You may watch the NBA online using one of these live TV and streaming options if you don’t have cable. You may utilize some of these sites to watch NBA games online for free right now because they are currently giving out free trials.

1. Watch the NBA on Sling

Sling TV is one of the best values for live sports and entertainment online, and we’ve been subscribers for years. You can watch ESPN, ESPN3, and TNT for basketball coverage in addition to CNN, HGTV, AMC, and other networks with the $35 Sling Orange subscription. Access NBA TV by adding the Sports Extra subscription to the Sling Orange base. Even better, Sling is now offering a deal to new customers that saves you 50% on your first month.

2. Stream the NBA on Vidgo

Although Vidgo may not be a household name in the live TV streaming industry, they are among the finest. Their 60+ channel “core” subscription plan, which costs $40, includes ABC and allows you to stream NBA games. Vidgo is a favorite among sports enthusiasts because it includes all the ESPN networks, the NFL Network, FS1, and other channels. Watch on three different devices at once.

There is now a free seven-day trial available for Vidgo. There is no credit check, and cancellation is always possible. Visit this page to sign up for a free trial and watch the NBA for free on any device.

3. Stream the NBA on fuboTV

FuboTV is the finest website to watch basketball streams online. ESPN and NBA TV are only available as part of the regular bundle on Fubo, a streaming platform. Additionally, Fubo has declared ambitions to include ABC in its channel roster (though access may vary by region). Almost 100 live TV channels are included in fuboTV’s $69.99 Pro subscription, which also includes NBA coverage.

You may watch anything on Fubo on your phone, tablet, or TV, and the family package enables simultaneous live TV viewing on three screens. 1000 hours of cloud DVR recording are also included with a monthly subscription, which is ideal if you want to record a game to replay later.

Right now, Fubo is providing a 7-day free trial. To try out the service for yourself, get the discount here. Anytime is fine to cancel.

4. Stream the NBA on Hulu + Live TV

Your best option is to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV if you want to watch sports and entertainment. Live TV and Hulu. Basketball is available to stream live online on ESPN, TNT, and ABC for just $69.99 per month (in most markets).

Additionally, you may access Hulu’s TV episodes, movies, and original content indefinitely with your subscription. Additionally, a Hulu + Live TV subscription grants free access to ESPN+ and Disney+.

Basically, Hulu + Live TV serves as your one-stop shop for media. When you’re ready to watch a game in real time, switch to the Live TV platform after streaming a new movie or binge-watching your favorite show.

How to Watch NBA Games Online in the U.S.

You should be aware that all NBA broadcast rights are distributed among the four cable networks listed below, from most to least games televised:

Search for streaming services that provide you access to the four networks if you want to watch games without live TV. Your best option is to sign up for the league’s official streaming service.

As an alternative, you might subscribe to NBA League Pass. If you live in a blackout area, you might miss certain games, but you can still support your preferred (or second-favorite) NBA teams during the remaining contests.


A popular basketball package is AT&T TV Choice. All three of the major national NBA channels—NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT—are unlocked for a monthly fee of $64.99. To find out how to unblock ESPN, see our article about how to watch ESPN. We also provide instructions on how to get around ESPN blackout periods.

The feature of AT&T TV that we appreciate the most is that it works with all devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Additionally, it enables you to run up to three approved devices at once in parallel streams.

YouTube TV

With YouTube TV, you can get ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT, just as with AT&T TV. Not all American markets have access to ABC. This shouldn’t cause too much concern, though, as ABC has the fewest games available.

The monthly cost of the YouTube TV package is $64.99. Larger families will like the service’s three simultaneous streams without cable and six accounts per household.

Others: Regional Sports Networks, Sling TV and DirecTV

Due to its low cost, Sling TV is an excellent substitute for AT&T TV and YouTube TV. You may get livestreams on ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV for $25 per month (comes as an add-on). You may also get a League Pass on Sling TV if you want to watch the entire league.

Another good option is DirecTV, which offers ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, and NBC Sports as part of its $70 per month Basic Entertainment package. However, NBA TV requires you to sign up for more pricey subscriptions. To watch all local games from one package, DirecTV offers an excellent selection of RSNs if you’re ready to spend a little more.

You can stream RSN content on mobile devices if you already have a cable subscription by using the channel’s apps, such as the ESPN app. As an alternative, you could view a game on their website. For instance, if you reside in the United Kingdom, you may watch NBA on the Sky Sports channel if you have a membership.

What About the NBA League Pass and NBA TV?

For American basketball lovers, the NBA League Pass is an intriguing streaming service. You can watch NBA Finals, All-Star Weekend, and regular-season games whenever you want during the season. League Pass, Team Pass, Three-Game Pass, and Day Pass are some of the flexible pricing options.

Unfortunately, there are local and regional blackouts with the NBA League Pass. The blackout prevents live broadcasts from being viewed in any nation or city where cable TV providers own the broadcasting rights. We’ll show you how to get around the NBA blackouts in the section after this.

NBA TV is a more affordable option if you only want to watch local games. While they won’t be able to watch every NBA game this season, cord-cutters can still watch every local game. NBA TV offers a free trial for seven days so you can decide if it’s worth the money if you want free stuff.

How to Get the NBA League Pass for Cheap

Blackouts still exist, and the League Pass typically costs $99 for the entire season or $14.99 each month. A League Pass that is available internationally does not have any blackouts, though. The following are a few examples of how prices differ by nation.

This implies that you may purchase the Indian League Pass version for roughly $18 for the entire season, depending on the current currency rate.

You must utilize a VPN with India-based servers to obtain an Indian IP address in order to participate in this offer (ExpressVPN is our top recommendation, as it has virtual servers in India). Go to the League Pass website and register once you’ve connected to the Indian server. Your U.S. credit card is still accepted as payment.

Watch NBA Online Around the Globe With a VPN

Now, many of the streaming sites that allow you to watch NBA games online only exist in the United States. This implies that you cannot stream NBA games on these platforms that have geoblocks enabled if you are outside of the United States.

Unlocking NBA League Pass Blackouts With a VPN

If you are in an NBA League Pass blackout area, a VPN will also come in handy. Nearly all countries can access it, although others, including Cuba and North Korea, are still geoblocked. You can get around regional blackout restrictions and watch every game live with the help of a strong and lightning-quick VPN.

All you need to do to get around an NBA League Pass blackout is connect to a specific server outside the blackout area. By doing this, you can watch live basketball games that are only available to fans outside the blackout zone by masking your true IP address.

Because ExpressVPN allows you to dig down and choose a specific server in the U.S., we advise utilizing it over other VPN services.

Because it offers amazing speed, security, and limitless bandwidth, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming. With it, you can watch NBA games online without having to worry about security threats or buffering. To learn more about the advantages of this VPN service, see our review of ExpressVPN. You can also use their 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out for free.

Other VPNs for Watching NBA Games

Our other top pick for a VPN is NordVPN, which you can read about in our review if you decide to look around for one.

However, if you’re searching for a very inexpensive solution, we advise Surfshark, CyberGhost, or the free VPN Windscribe, which also offers a cheap build-a-plan that can be customized to your needs (see our Windscribe review).

How to Watch NBA Games for Free 2022

We suggest trying out the free trial offers on sites like Hulu + Live TV, NBA League Pass, and FuboTV if you’re seeking for a temporary solution to stream NBA games. However, after the trial period is over, you’ll have to pay, or search into other methods to watch NBA free of charge.

Remember that free NBA streaming carries its share of legal concerns and might find you in trouble with the law. For your security, it is always advised to use one of the trusted virtual private networks mentioned above.

Free NBA Streaming Sites 2022: Watch NBA Games Without Cable

Free streaming services that are reputable and risk-free are hard to come by. VIPBox and were the two top free streaming websites we discovered.

Although these websites are largely dependable, there is no assurance of your security or privacy when utilizing them, and it’s very likely that you will unintentionally download malware. This is why we advise against using any illicit streaming services.

Watch the NBA Online With Kodi

We love Kodi for its adaptability and agility, as well as for its capacity to stream NBA games live. The service neatly packs some dependable free sports add-ons in addition to the sports Kodi add-ons that are purchased. To learn about the advantages of the service, see our Kodi tutorial.

Fans of the NBA should not miss out on SportsDevil, a free Kodi add-on that offers broadcasts from TNT and ESPN. Other options include UK Turk Playlists, Bennu, cCloud TV, and NBA full games (through Fusion).

Torrenting NBA Games

NBA game torrenting is the last choice on the list of possibilities. Because NBA torrents are free but difficult to find, we’ve compiled a list of the top alternative torrent sites.

It’s risky to use torrents in general since it’s against the law to download copyrighted content and there’s always a danger that the file you’re downloading contains viruses or ransomware.

Use one of the best VPNs for torrenting, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, to protect your data and IP address from prying eyes (and the law).

Final Thoughts: Watch NBA Games Online

I wish you luck in discovering a method to watch NBA online without cable. Choose legal approaches if you want dependability, security, and performance.

Avoid the shady streaming sites because, despite being free, they pose a severe security risk. Using unlawful streaming websites without using a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN can also put you in danger of running afoul of the law.

Have we forgotten how you prefer to watch NBA games online? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy your time watching NBA online and thanks for reading.

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